Tournament Directors Info

This is guide of things to do to get your World Softball League (WSL) tournament running successfully.
For (WSL Stand Alone Tournaments) during the year - WSL TD's MUST GET the EVENT Insurance thru WSL for it to be a WSL Stand Alone Sanctioned NIT !!!!!

Call or e-mail , Nathan Kendrick at 229-460-7474

WSL TD's will pay $10.00 per Team for each Tournament for (2 Million Liability Insurance)

  • Contact Nathan Kendrick about running a WSL event.
  • Nathan will get you the ASA/WSL Tournament Sanctioning Form and your ASA Commissioners contact information.
  • Fill out the ASA/WSL Tournament Sanctioning Form and have it signed by your ASA State Commissioner.
  • E-mail the below information in to Nathan at
    1. Tournament Name
    2. Tournament Date
    3. Divisions of Play Available
    4. Tournament Website
    5. Tournament Director
    6. Tournament Director E-Mail Address
    7. Tournament Director Phone (preferably a cell phone)
  • If your tournament is using the WSL Softballs you qualify for the prize packages.
  • Make sure to order your WSL Softballs at least two weeks in advance of your event so WSL can save money on shipping. Any late shipments will be sent at the expense of the tournament director.
  • Once your team entry list is complete, check with your local ASA Commissioner to make sure all of the teams are ASA sanctioned. If there are teams that are not ASA sanctioned you will need to get the appropriate sanctioning forms from your local commissioners.
  • Check with your local ASA Commissioner for tournament sanctioning. Some of them have fees for tournaments.
  • If you need assistance getting umpires also seek the help of your local ASA Commissioners and they will get you contacts.
  • You should also collect the ASA sanctioning fees and mail them to the ASA Commissioner that presides over the complex that the event is held at.
  • Teams also must be WSL sanctioned. You can download and print extra WSL rosters for the teams to fill out at the event.

After the event is completed

  • Give the appropriate teams the WSL National Berth Packets and encourage them to participate.
  • If managers and players have more questions about WSL Nationals do your best to answer their questions. If you don't know the answers, refer them to or have them e-mail their questions to Nathan.

On Monday Morning:

  • Send all of the appropriate WSL Rosters to us.
  • If you have them in an electronic format that would be greatly appreciated and can be emailed to Nathan at
  • E-Mail Nathan a tournament wrap up/article and some pictures of your event for the website.
  • Send all of the WSL registration fees and softball fees collected to the WSL at:

World Softball League
911 NE Macedonia Church Road
Lee, FL 32059