WSL National Bump Ups

The winner of the North American Championships in Men’s Class ―E, ―D, & ―C, their entire roster will be bumped up for 1 year, with no right to appeal! Any player appearing on these rosters must compete at the higher level for a minimum of 1 year. The top 10% finishers from 2nd place on will be bumped for 1 year. If the team returns 5 or more from the previous year’s roster or any combination of 5 or more that return or played the higher level, the team must compete the higher level for 1 year. You may appeal your classification to your state/regional director after a minimum of 2 WSL events played at the higher level. All reclassifications must be approved by the State & Regional Director along with the President & Vice President of the WSL.

Entire Roster Bump for 2012 with No Right to Appeal

From Class "C" to "B"
OI Livingston
Dave's Place

From Class "D" to "C"

From Class "E" to "D"
Lee's Welding

Team Bump for 2012 with a Right to Appeal
From Class "C" to "B"
Cross Seekers
Russell's Paint & Body

From "D" to "C"
Nasty Boys
Team Mojo
DFL Construction
Team Hammer
EMR/Plant Detail/TPS
Sports Stitch

From "E" to "D"
Alabama Elite
Hootie Who / SD
Deadball Out
Drive By
Jinks & Moody
Covington Moose